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Scatter is an innovative soulslike game operating on the Ethereum blockchain, where players can earn $SCAT by successfully defeating bosses and mobs. Additionally, NFT holders are set to receive a pre-launch airdrop of $SCAT as a unique incentive.

To partake in the game, players must maintain a specific amount of $SCAT, the native token of the game. Each game session incurs a designated cost in $SCAT, and the tokens utilized are subsequently burned to maintain a dynamic economic environment. The game's difficulty level is contingent on the power of the player's character. Players have the opportunity to accumulate $SCAT by overcoming various challenges presented by bosses and mobs.

NFT holders enjoy the added benefit of daily free game access. The game mechanics closely resemble those of the soulslike genre, offering players the chance to win anywhere from 0.5 to 20 times the amount of $SCAT they invest.

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